-English classes for children - private, joint, small group


Tiny Tots - Young Children   (ages 0 - 5)

Singing, dancing, playing, stories,crafts, parties, and often LIVE music.  LOFT teachers

are musically talented.  The best in Niigata for teaching children.


Elementary school Classes  (ages 6 - 12)


-Pre-phonics     (introductory phonics and English basics)

Children are introduced to phonics through songs, activities, games, and beginning reading.

The LOFT's phonics program is unique and developed for the LOFT especially by American professional educators for teaching Japanese children who study English on average once a week. 

"I've worked in a lot of Eikaiwa (English conversation schools) in Japan.  The LOFT is the only one where all the kids seem to be reading.  Whatever the LOFT is doing, they are doing it right." - former teacher



Children continue into more advanced levels of phonics which also incorporates grammar

and heavy conversation practice.  At this level the children are already reading, but we are

preparing them for more advanced accelerated "speed" reading.


-Conversation Books  -  Let's Go Book 2 through Let's Go Book 6

We start our students in Book 2 because they've already covered the same material of Let's

Go Book 1 in our phonics program.  LOFT kids read and can do the homework independently.

"Rion's only 7 but his pronunciation and understanding are better than mine.  What's more, he can read and do the homework by himself." - Rion's mother


-Advanced Studies & High School Program- Children in our advanced Studies program use the same books used by American children.  This is ideal for our rapid learners and returnees.  If parents want their children to become advanced English speakers, if they continue in this program and they will be.

 "Of all of my friends that focused on studying English at a juku,  the percentage of those who are English speakers today is 0%.  I'm the only one who is a real English speaker."  - Tomoya


LOFT student Kazu was ranked #1 in Niigata Prefecture for getting into Niigata High School.  However, even though he got into what is considered to be the best high school in Niigata, he decided to quit Niigata High School and went to a better one in Tokyo.  Kazu was a LOFT student continually from age 5.


Currently, one of our long term English LOFT students, Shogo, is now studying at Tokyo University.  He is now finishing up his doctorate in Physics.  He is also involved in a satellite space program at JAXA.

One of our junior highschool student classes
One of our junior highschool student classes